Tuning Chips

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Ive just fitted a £60 tuning chip from ebay onto my jeep. No noticeable improvemtn in acceleration or speed but it has brought up average mpg to around 40.

Not bad for a 3.0L V6 TD and certainly worth the £60.

Easy to fi too - just plugged onto the sensor on the end of the common rail. While Jeep dont like them they have said that they would have to prove that it had caused something to fail which if the chip was removed befoe it went into the garage they would not know it had been on.

Tesco's insurance did not want any more money to have it added either.

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Re: Tuning Chips

Once the right Diesel tuning box is fitted, you will instantly see the transformation. This simple addition to the engine will dramatically improve the efficiency of your engine specially when you have chip tuning .