460 seat recline spring assembly -- help please

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Hi there, earlier this summer I removed my front seats and detached the backs from the bottoms in preparation for fitting new covers. Well, months later, the covers are done and on, but now I'm having a world of hurt trying to figure out how to reassemble everything--particularly the recline coil spring.

Basically, I can get them together without springs (easy). Can get them together with the spring facing the wrong way so the seat flings back with force when the knob is turned (not hard). But I can't get them together so that the spring provides the tension necessary for recline push-back. (seemingly impossible).

Does anyone have a tip for how to pre-tension the spring, while holding it compressed alongside the seat back, and at the same time lining everything up correctly so the bolts fit through the holes in the brackets?

Please see attached reference picture I took of the springs as I was taking the seats apart.

Thanks all for your help...


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Re: 460 seat recline spring assembly -- help please

Yes Rob, :?

Unhelpfull as it may seem, I would suggest the local upholsterer.