463 300GE stainless exhaust

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Since I could not afford a complete system at about £1000, I went to an excellent local company Double S Exhausts, Cullompton Devon 01884-33454, sales@stainlessexhausts.co.uk, and we decided that the system could be greatly simplified. I have ended up with a single large box fitted under the driver, where the first original box was, and the tailpipe coming out just in front of the driver's rear wheel, in a similar position to the original system, but on the other side of the vehicle. It is a little noisier than standard, but in no way objectionable.

This means that there is a great saving in weight, nothing crosses above the prop shaft, also the cost is greatly reduced. If you mention my name Pochin, the price of £328 fitted will be maintained for as long as possible.

Since it is a bespoke service, fitting is included as an essential part of the deal, taking about 4 hours, with prebooking.

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Re: 463 300GE stainless exhaust

nice one,do they have agents anywhere else in the uk.

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Re: 463 300GE stainless exhaust

Any idea whether this would work with a 460??

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Re: 463 300GE stainless exhaust


Yes, but do you realise that the first box is supposed to be the catalytic converter, which you need, if you're going to pass your next MOT (assuming your G is 1991 or later.)