Elan Valley May2013


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Re: Elan Valley May 2013

Kevin, you have such wonderful surroundings of the photos you have displayed so far and I might go as far as mentioning a good paddle ground for the G's in general; we ought to organise our 2015 AGM in your part of the woods.

Perhaps this should be suggested at this year meeting?

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Re: Elan Valley May 2013

More than happy to help, just let me know. Off to lake Bala this weekend!

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Re: Elan Valley May 2013

Ohhh Now that WILL be fun!smiley We did a little trip there a few years back, fun day out, rather a strange mix, a range rover, a few G's a Syncro (VW camper) and a big Toyota for a few hrs. Saw LEEU's white SWB almost go sideways down a steep hill. Mucho green with envy!