You can't spell Mighty with out a G!


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Joe, It looks like you had a good day. Thanks for posting the pics.

Were there any screams from the passengers?

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Sadly H&S said only one person at a Time!. The German Drivers (Michael and Bjorn) said they thought German H&S was bad, but now the UK has beaten even them cool, Though I am sure I heard a scream or two from Adnaan and Rob laugh


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I will except that the screaming had something to do with me...... As it was my youngest making all the nose.!!!! 

Thanks Jo for a grate day.... I will up load some pics later..

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Thank you Joe for the photos, interesting to learn British drivers could not be trusted by M/Benz Germany or UK.

Would have loved to be there; alas, another time. Did GWOA members show a good number of hands? 


Added on 5/08/13: 

Just want to add, a big Thankyou to our Mercedes Benz liason, Joe, to whom this invitation came to on behalf of the GWOA.

It is his efforts from the past to current that I suppose, we have been generously considered by Mercedes Benz/World to a rare and exclusive invitation to such an event, hoping there is more to come.

Nice one Joe, keep it up and Thank you.


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Re: Iron-Schöckl.


Many thanks for the kind words. Was fun on the day, though I am sure we have more than three members in the Southern area, that were not on holiday cheeky. Will try and get better notice for the next one!

Spider1V aka Joe