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Well Done Tony,
Only bloody wish I could keep your old one goin for long enough to complete an event.
On happier thoughts, must be a great way to spend ones retirement years........this week knee deep in bog mould at the Tae challenge and next week down the south of France doin another challenge....... ah the jet set.......... seriously well done your an inspiration.

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Re: Dscf000019_2.jpg


Hi Mike

What do you keep braking?

Is it your heavey right foot?

With regards to retirement years- What retirement ?

Its harder to keep the vehicle ready for its next challenge than it was working!

regards Tony.

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Re: Dscf000019_2.jpg

 No different with toys new one, always improving as something breaks, events are getting tougher 

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Re: Dscf000019_2.jpg

 What's with the new linkage! Must give you a lot more articulation 

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Re: Dscf000019_2.jpg

Hello Peter Pefect,

" What's with the new linkage!"  exactly that Peter, a Watts Linkage - Ha, ha... :-)