A secondhand bargain?

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Mice ate the end of my throttle cable.   A temporary repair has lasted over a year now, but I thought I'd price out a replacement.   I'd just had an e-mail from one of these on line  car breaker groups, so I filled in the request.   I filled in the registration number as requested, and the website came back immediately to tell me my ML doesn't exist.   That being the case, I should save a lot on tax and insurance this year.   However, I persevered and eventually received a couple of quotes, one of which was £75 including carriage and VAT, with 3 months warranty on the part.   I contacted my local MB dealer.   A new part cost £37.75 excluding VAT with 12 months warranty.    The reason for this epistle is to suggest that getting bits from a breaker might not always give the price saving you expect, and it's worth checking the price from the dealer for a genuine part before you hand over your hard earned cash.

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Re: A secondhand bargain?
Only second hand parts worth chancin are engines and wheels.....