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Can anyone advise where i can get this part, floor lining.  To fit a 230, 460 swb .
Picture below.

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Re: floor trim

The short, though facetious answer would be to buy the rest of the PUR 30 that goes with it. However if you don't want to spend the £60k then the alluminum is a readilly available section that will take either an 8, 10 or 12 mm nut into which can be screwed an eye bolt. Then some waterproof birch ply and , voila, job done.
I have a similar system though the rail is screwed to the side of the car and the eye bolts are a slightly more quick release affair based on an aircraft cargo tie down system. You should be able to replicate the above for £50 diy.

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Re: floor trim

The flooring you are interested in could have been fitted to the W461 Chassis.

I have checked a few W461’s and I come up with the following information.

The” intermediate chassis” comes in several components. I will give a part number of one component.

Because of the various other components, I feel you ought to discuss this with your local dealer and ask them to provide you with more information on the matter. Get them to show you pictures of the parts to confirm it is what you are after.

Example vehicle: w461.334, 280CDI, 2850 mm Chassis.
Intermediate floor: A461 693 58 70
Code [VV1], cargo area in wood finish with c-rails (date 28/02/03).

Alternatively, try the Unwin flooring systems, their URL is as follows:


You can discuss the wood finish with them, to see if they can accommodate this for you.

If you have any problems, PM me, but be prepared with Chassis number information, I will; as M/Benz dealers do, need this information before I can do anything. I am afraid, it is how M/Benz seen fit to set up their information system.