Buying an lpg converted G

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So what to watch out for when buying a petrol that has been LPG converted?

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Re: Buying an lpg converted G

Your Ins Co will probably ask for a safety cert however in my experience that doesn't really cover much. Personally I would get any wagen you fancy looked over by a specialist. I don't know where you are but I know of a really good guy in Wellingborough. He re- vamped my lpg system a year ago and it's been perfect since. HTH

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Re: Buying an lpg converted G

hi andyc,

i'd have to go with huss' advice here. I bought and converted three 4x4s in the last 6 years and in each case am glad that i got the conversion done myself by real engineers. there are just too many cowboys out there and too many lpg botch jobs, certified or not. I've also spoken to the chap at battersea and would have converted my 300 with him, had i not sold it. as huss said, find yourself a nice unmolested 300 and then get the conversion done yourself.

Good luck/ph

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Re: Buying an lpg converted G

Hello Andy C

I almost had a 300 ges converted earlier this year but got cold feet at the last minute. I went as far as buying a smaller petrol tank for the G so that the rest of the space (where the full sized tank sits) could be used to put the lpg tank.
If you decide to have one converted I'd be happy to sell the tank.

Good luck