what corrosion?


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Re: what corrosion?

She's a cracking little truck ! yes

Who carried out the work ? Yourself or a specialist ? Looks to be a job well done to me buddy

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Re: what corrosion?

she most certainly is...

although rescuing an old 460 might seem like an excellent idea. It is not for the faint hearted.

In this case, having dealt with the immediate mechanical issues (of which there were a few) the decision was made to sort out the bodywork. The scale of this task becomes clear, only once the vehicle is in bits. And of course additional areas of rot are always being uncovered as this progresses. Along with the evidence of many a patch up and disguise job and the next decision to go further in and treat the lot... or not.

If you are committed though, the end result is an almost 30 year old car, which looks like it just rolled out of a showroom. And the possibility to enjoy her fully for many years without the idea she is slowly disintegrating beneath us and the worry of the next MOT. Now we know exactly what is bolted onto the chassis.

With regards to the work... i personally carried out many hours of of hard (often tedious) labor, to earn the money to pay for the many hours of hard (sometimes boring) graft done by specialists. This is the result. 

My advice to any others interested in this kind of restoration project. Budget for double what you think your best worked out budget is. For both cash and time. Get an agreed valuation from your insurers once done... as there aren't likely to be many like for like replacement vehicles out their in the market place.

I am very pleased with the quality of the work done and the result - this was handled by the G-Class Centre.

with thanks to steve & pete