Webasto heater

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How hard is it to retrofit a Webasto or Eredsprecher type heater on my early 463, kits seem to contain everything you need, looks a fair amount ofwiring etc. How good are they once fitted? Is it worth the expense and hassle?

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Re: Webasto heater

I hear that their internal burners fail easily and then they become paperweights. There are a number of control switches and timers that normally sit in the centre console. So you'd have to cut some holes (difficult in the veneered wood) or find a used replacement panel with the required switches. Then there is also an additional fuel-pump. Easier on Diesel Gs, I think.

They are a nice-to-have, if you already have one - and it works - but not sure I'd go to the trouble to retrofit, unless you have a few weekends of spare time to dismantle and re-assemble your G.

However, I dare say that one could be fitted in a non-factory-standard way, with alternative wiring and controllers that would be simpler to install.  Probably new models are more reliable and looks like there are more control options, including from key-fob.

Look also at Eberspacher