W463 Sun visor

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When I lower the sun visor on the driver's side it hits the rear view mirror. I guess this is just bad build quality on my vehicle as it can't possibly have been designed like that can it?

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Re: W463 Sun visor

Might depend on what year your G is but have just checked on mine (1993) and the answer is "no" it shouldn't get anywhere near to hitting.

I would think it can only be one of two things :-

1/ Someone has replaced the visor with an incorrect item or

2/ Someone has replaced the mirror with an incorrect item

When the visor is UP it sits nicely into a slight recess on the headlining (do you have that recess). If it does fit in there then it's the mirror that's the problem.

Have just measured the items in my G (pretty sure both are original to the car) and they are as follows:

Visor 47cms wide

Mirror 23cms at its widest

Gap between mirror and visor when in the down position is 4cms

Hope that's of some help.