Problem with the petrol tank breather bentbdystem

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Good morning fellow members  

Some of you might recall from a previous post that I've been having intermittent problems starting and running my old wagon and I've changed more parts that I care to remember. In any event after many trials and errors I think we've narrowed the problem down to the tank breather vent system/blockages and a couple of sections on the steel pipe need replacing.

Any advice on the breather system (vacuum and vent) would definitively be appreciated and if anyone has a detailed diagram of the actual breather system you could send me that would be awesome so that hopefully I can fix the problem.

My wagon is a 1988 280ge LWB (petrol) with a single rather than a saddle tank.
Thanks guys. 

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Re: Problem with the petrol tank breather bentbdystem
I'll try to remove... Somehow it's linked to the other one.