Looking for a helpful garage or person around buckinghamshire

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I'm looking for a helpful garage or person with g technical knowledge around the Buckingham/Oxford/Northampton/Bedfordshire areas who would would be willing to answer a few questions (i'm in the middle in Milton Keynes but can travel).





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Re: Looking for a helpful garage or person around ...
Hi Hagar Depends on what you want to do? I can recommend JT Autocare nr 01628671999 in Maidenhead. Worked on 3 previous 4x4s of mine and most recently on my G. Jan, the owner, is a mechanical engineer....so not just a mechanic. Him and his collegue Byrant are very good. However, as you would know and have read around here on the forum that we have each a unique experience with a workshop. So I can't guarantee what work for me will for you. Hope that helps, Cheers, Willem