lpg carburettor

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Hello g men, have been thinking of this one for a while . and now have the oppertunity thanks to chris (dentsmithy) as I now have a short wheelbase with a 230 engine to do an lpg job to a G wagen . dont get me wrong I do like my 617 turbo but its a bit slow for overtaking porsche's :lol: .Any way I bought a blos LPG carb a wile back and I have an m110 engine out of a 280 sl (185 ps motor)I'm thinking about megajolt and doing away with the ke injection system fueltank pipe's etc .I have a manual gearbox out of a 280 g and I prosume the axle's are lower ratio so the fitment of larger tyre's wont be a problem . I have all the LPG bits but I dont want the tank in the back does anyone Know whats the largest tank one can fit where the petrol tank is now ? and has anyone else fitted megajolt or the like to a m110 .Also is there any concession on road found licence for this type of conversion I see this has been mentioned but there is no definite answer. Check out Blos here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuDJpbyOEZI&feature=related
Any thought's guys and Kind Regards's and happy travelling Chris