Xmas 2021 - GWOA update

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Nearly Christmas 2021.  And we already had a little snow. 

To me it's looking like a potential cold one, after many mild years.  Maybe our G's will get some real 4x4 use.  Just remember that 2 tonnes on ice is a lethal combination.  Post with some pictures of your G's looking good in the elements.

GWOA is still clunking along on this website - the plan is still to replace it with a new one and keep access to the forums running here.  Hopefully the Xmas break will be a time to move that on.  The time is coming to move up the models and attract newer G owners.  They have no real owners group.  Part of the website re-vamp will address that, keeping the historical information.  And since newer G's have less challenges (in theory) with mechanical failures and rust, there will be more on aftermarket options, electrics, tips and experience.  With a core of paying members, we have the budget to return some goodies and do stuff.  Also overdue and must happen soon.

We've had new members and re-joiners and a couple of mini-meets this year.  There have been articles and insurance deals agreed.  In 2022 it would be good to have a UK tour, since I still foreign holidays will still be impacted.  The Silverstone Classic (27-28 Aug) would be good to attend, as an Association or as a meet, and we would need some member cars for that.  43 Years of G and 28 years of GWOA.  Some new stock of T-shirts / fleeces / key rings would be good for a 45 / 30 anniversary.  Plain until then.

Other suggestions welcome.

Have a great Xmas holidays


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Re: Xmas 2021 - GWOA update

This forum has been a valuable source of information for me and I'm sure for many others. I will be keen to see what the new site looks like as I use an iPad to post and find the website particularly difficult to use when posting. 

On the subject of a U.K. tour I would be keen to partake in part of that. If and when you find yourself in Somerset/Devon then I would be happy to meet up and show you some scenic routes in the locality. 

As mentioned, here is a photo of my red G500 RHD in some snow last year. 

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Re: Xmas 2021 - GWOA update
Happy Xmas all.