W460 LWB Wanted


Hope you're all well...

I'm new to the forum, after much deliberation between 110s and w460s I have finally settled on a w460 LWB! I know most of you will say there is no comparison ha! Obviously one is 10 a penny and the other, well.... let just say I'm not blessed with choice.

Am I totally bonkers in thinking I'll pick one up in 2021... I've on and off been watching them on a well known auction site for a good 3/4 years and can only recall enough to fit both sets of fingers!

So I'm after a w460, as original as possible. Preferably a 230 but I'll take any diesel too... just not the dreaded mpg of the 280!

Will be a camping/road trip/weekend vehicle...

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated!






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12/05/2021 (4 days)


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Re: W460 LWB Wanted

If you're still looking, I'm selling my 1989 280GE - I realise it's not the model you're after, but let me know if you're interested.

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Re: W460 LWB Wanted

Hi Rob,

You've done the research and reached a good conclusion.  Now to find a LWB 460 that is either not a can of worms or over restored (and lots of money).  Both are the type I see in auctions.  You want the middle ground.

There are honest 460s out there and for 30+ years you can expect some ongoing but doable work. And no matter what it looks like, they are a pleasure to be seen in, and capable.   Good luck.


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Re: W460 LWB Wanted

Hi Rob

Might have something suitable !

Have a look here....


Or drop me a PM


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Re: W460 LWB Wanted