Puch Badging for your 463 G-Wagen....

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Apparently re-badging your Mercedes G 463 series into a Puch G is hotest amongst our US GWagen colleagues and I am sure some of us would love to do this as well. I got a quotation from a Puch specialist in Austria for all the necessary parts -which do not come cheap, though

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dear mr.fernandez,

thank you for your mail dated 16.10.03

* Puch Badge for bonnet eur 17,2 (on stock)

* Puch Badge for front grille eur 89,5

* Puch Badge for each of the four wheel hubs (my car was subsequently fitted with the optional 6J x 16 H2 alloy wheels ref 463 401 00 02 each eur 20,6

* Puch Badge in centre of steering wheel eur 37,9

* Puch Spare wheel cover eur 157,2

how much would the cost be including Austrian VAT all prices including 20% austrian-vat

and shipping to the south of England (near Guildford). approx.eur 25,-(incl.) for all parts with creditcard-payment (visa or.euro/mastercard)

deliverytime approx.1-2 weeks

erik f.teichmann
autoquariat gmbh.
antonigasse 44-46
a-1180 wien

The problem is that the full set costs more than EURO 400 + shipping!