Original genuine jump seat for G-Wagon

.Original genuine G-Wagon foldable jump seat.

Used but in excellent condition- high quality built 

Black and grey original fabric (I believe it's called Rodeo cloth).

For W460/W461

I was going to fit it in my wagon but had to sell it as not ULEZ compliant so never fitted.

This seat will be permanently installed but as its  foldable it can be opened whenever is needed to take a sixth or sevent passenger and then it can be folded again when not in used to have a larger truck space.

Because of the weight ideally it should be collected or it can be sent out by courier if arranged and paid by buyer. 

Bought as seen with no returns.

If any questions please pm me.

Selling at £1,150 or near offer.


Time remaining: 89%
07/09/2024 (7 weeks)
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Re: Original genuine jump seat for G-Wagon

I remember everyone trying to fit jump seats to get 7/9 seater status to avoid Congestion Charge... you just need to get the G re-categorized as a historic vehicle or some thing.  I'll look for the Forum thread about it and add here.

Its top end on price but its finding an official OEM one.

Edit:  Yes there was this thread and conclusive result (pasted here rather than the link to the thread):

The conclusive research from several here is:

A G can be exempted from ULEZ if:

Over 50 years old (per ScouseG and here: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone/discounts-and-exemptions#on-this-page-6 )

Over 40 years old having registered with DVLA as an Historic vehicle for Road Tax exemption and MOT exemption.


If you have a newer G with 9 seats, you can get it exempted from Congestion Charge (like a mini-bus), but NOT ULEZ.