Captured Argentinian Military G-Wagon


My father was a squadron leader when he served a six month posting to the Falklands in the 80's after the war. He was an engineer and found a G Wagon abandoned that he worked on, got running and used on the islands. When his tour was over, he managed to get a tri-star pilot to agree to fly the G to the UK for and gave him a crate of beer as payment. The Argentinians had dozens of G Wagons delivered before the war and used them in the conflict. The British military captured and used them, but as the Argentinians had never paid Mercedes for the vehicles, they couldn't get parts so most of them were sea dumped, except for this one my father saved. I believe it's the only one that escaped the island. We loved this G and used it as a family for many years. It has been all around the UK when my parents took it B&Bing and even went to Paris. My father passed away in 2013 and we have decided as a family that it should now go to a new home for a new family to enjoy. It's being auctioned by Matthewsons this Saturday 24th April. Here is the link: I hope this might be of interest to someone in the GWOA. 


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14/06/2021 (5 weeks)
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Re: Captured Argentinian Military G-Wagon

That is some really interesting provenance.  Needs a fair amount of resto, obviously.  LHD.  No V5?

It has a speedo in miles, which I assume may not be original.

I think the guide price is about right and it will get some interest for the history and the fact it is a 1979.


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Re: Captured Argentinian Military G-Wagon

Spares shouldn't be an issue either, I guess its a 230ge lots of work needed but more interesting than a Series 3 Land Rover, I believe the museum at RAF Yeovilton has one too