460 Cabrio

Hello and all the best for the New Year to all on here

I have for sale a 1984 460 Cabrio RHD that has been fitted with an OM605 turbocharged engine and 4.1 diff ratios.

Quality chassis work by Mark Ashton and fitted with a rot free body shell.

Needs finishing

Owes me more but I'd accept £30k

Time remaining: 66%
04/03/2022 (5 weeks)
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Re: 460 Cabrio

Looks like a really nice restoration. Not clear if it's finished, but if it is can you add some finished pics. What is the power in a OM605 turbo?
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Re: 460 Cabrio


No its not finished - the body shell is in primer and the doors and tailgate need sorting + paint + interior.

the 605 is in it's standard form with turbo + intercooler so I think will put out about 148 bhp

being a cabrio it weighs less so power probably sufficient - if anyone wanted more I would suggest sending the pump to deiselmeken in Sweden for larger elements etc.

I have loads more photos if anyone is interested in finishing what is a well sorted platform for their own style.

I was going to do the interior in leather and maybe change colour to grey.