Grey Mercedes G-Wagen 230GE 1989 W460 SWB Automatic RHD with 131 000 miles.

Hi all,

I will be relocated abroad by my company so sadly I have to sell my G-wagen. Before I am placing it on the open market will I be given you a chance to see if there is any takers in the G community.

When I bought the car it was in an OK condition for its age and a good runner, however, there was at least £7000 work needed (quoted by various Merc orientated workshops) to get it back to its former glory (meaning no rust, no leaks, no squeaks etc). Excluding engine swaps now. I’ve invested over £4000 in it now. So there is bit left to do if you’re perfectionist. See photos for details. If you need more photos then pm me please.

Part service history. Full owner history included. Fully serviced (on 01/03/17, I’ve replace also all the diffs, transfer case and gearbox oils with this service) and MOT due 01/03/2018. Just over 131 000 miles on the clock (this will keep ticking because I still take it out regularly). It’s an F register model.

Maintained to the best standard possible and always stored under cover. Only OEM/MB parts were used. HPI cleared. Non-smoking and pet free environment. Easy life with me and seems previously as well.

The interior of the car is still in a fantastic condition. The carpets had some work done on them before and needs some more if you really want it to be perfect. It comes with its original tool set and jack as well. The two original auxiliary fuel tanks are also in place still. It's still in a great condition and can be reconnected if needed.

First time starter every day. All electronics work fine. The driver’s window work a bit slow. Central locking is working but if the vehicle had been parked for a week or so then only the driver side unlock until you’ve drive for a while then it works again (it seems pressure needs to build-up). Transfer case and Diff locks front and rear are working fine as well.

You will see that I have updated the G (most of the original parts are still available and will be included with the sale if you want to revert back to the original):

  • Wider mirrors
  • White blinkers
  • Custom made Rooftop ladder (sold by ORC, no roof rack)
  • ORC Fuel tank protection plate and straps
  • Plastic fuel tank
  • Full new set of Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tyres (only 500 miles old, spare new)

So work that I have done:

  • Complete brake system overall (except drums, this was just cleaned out) this includes new brake pipes, shoes all around, front calipers and front discs.
  • Replaced the whole wire harness so basically replacing all the electrics in the car.
  • New Reconditioned steering box/rack, rebuild it completely.
  • Fully reconditioned radiator with new core (imported from Germany).
  • New rear MB Coil springs.
  • Lifted the body and remove all rust around the body mounts and reseal it.
  • Renewed part of the interior.

Work that still needs doing (either by you or a workshop):

  • Removal of rust on the usual places on the body (this was my next project and I started it with the lower part of the body. Just don’t have time to do the rest now.) It’s not that much and the body shop quote to get this complete rust free (panel replacement and cut outs etc.) was very reasonable I feel. I’ll send some photos and the list of work if needed.

  • The engine is in a great condition the top gasket was replaced on 116 000 miles and it hardly use oil at this stage. However, some of the seals on the transfer box, possibly gearbox and left ball joint needs replacing because its weeping a bit of oil (low priority I feel because it’s not much, and never needed to top up any oil). It also have a bit of a noisy tappet on startup.

So I’ve try to be as honest about it as I can be. This G can be use immediately if needed. If you want a perfect classic G-Wagen but not have to spend ages and thousands on it to get it perfect (like many on the market currently) then this one is for you. If you can do most of this work yourself then it’s a bargain, because a rust free clean one do sell for well over the £12 000 and if you do the 606 engine swap then well over the £16 000 (I might be underestimating these prices I feel).

I am only asking for some of what I spend on it back: Asking Price £8950 or a reasonable offer.

Pm me if you are interested.

Time remaining: 21%
09/06/2017 (1 week)
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Re: Grey Mercedes G-Wagen 230GE 1989 W460 SWB Automatic RHD ...

The g you have for sale looks lovely and very tasteful upgrades in the ORC tank protection and plastic tank.

I think your quoting of swb rust free cars of 12k is way too much, these cars arent changing hands for that much (yet)

I know a couple of very special swb om60x conversions that have sold for the 15k price point but they are pretty thin on the ground that are done to a quality specification.

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Re: Grey Mercedes G-Wagen 230GE 1989 W460 SWB Automatic RHD ...

looks like a nice 460. I prefer the SWB and auto-option is great.

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Re: Grey Mercedes G-Wagen 230GE 1989 W460 SWB Automatic RHD ...

The first g-wagen I ever noticed was an almandine 230ge auto with a colour coded body kit, it was a beautiful vehicle. 20 years later I'm on my 3rd g-wagen. It's a great starting point, a vehicle in very good order, the 230 is manageable on fuel and the autobox makes journeys a delight.