Gearbox Propshaft

Gearbox to Transfer Box, propshaft, very short , about 15 inches, unsure of donor but I think a 1993 463 that had been rolled,very good joints , too short for my manual so assume of an automatic? Or if you want to mount gearbox further back. 

£200, please pm.









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27/12/2017 (5 weeks)
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Re: Gearbox Propshaft

I think you are correct that it is from a vehicle with auto transmission. (Auto transmission is longer than manual 'box, hence shorter prop-shaft required to transfer case)

But I am also thinking it's from a W460, as the W463, gearbox to transfer-case prop-shafts that I have seen use homo-kenetic joints, not UJs  ??

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Re: Gearbox Propshaft

I think lower power 463 , ie 300 gds/ges, not V8s all have UJs, the higher power stuff has CV joints, it maybe of a 460, unsure but has excellent ujs. Not cheap to replace !