FOR SALE 300gd 1993 swb

Hello fellow G wagon enthusiasts. Very sad day today and one I hoped wouldn't come but due to personal issues our G wagon is up for sale. It is a 1993 swb 3 litre diesel. The reg does not come with the vehicle. We have owned this for just over 5 years now and has been used as a daily driver with no major issues. I have only driven a few other G wagons but I can say this has always driven very well and we have never had any issues with reliability. I believe this to be a very clean example of a G of this age. The interior is grey MB tex which is in very good condition apart from some slight wear on the driver seat base. The wood trim was re done by me and may be something that may want to be looked at but is nothing that can't be lived with considering the overall condition of the rest of the vehicle. The engine has been fitted with a turbo with all original parts carried over from the g350 LHD turbo diesel which was fitted by me around 4 years ago. Turbo, exhaust manifold, inlet manifold, air cleaner etc. This gives the vehicle a bit more power as you will know these are not the quickest. 722.399 4 speed Automatic transmission which has just had a rebuild. All rear shock absorbers, springs, spring and shock mounts have been replaced since I have had the vehicle and so should be good for many years. During MOT the inspectors always comment how well these things are built and what good condition it is in when checking the underneath. There are a few small scabs/bubbles on the paint work here and there but none are rotten to the point I believe they are anymore than touch up jobs. The passenger side view mirror needs a new glass as someone has hit it passing by. The clips are broken on the rear of the glass so it is currently held in by sellotape. The sunroof needs a look at. A part of the mechanism may have jumped out but we have lived without opening it for two years now. The tyres are BFgoodrich with very good tread on them. Any further info please contact me Dennis 07801988979 £15000
Time remaining: 15%
02/03/2020 (1 week)
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Re: FOR SALE 300gd 1993 swb

Looks lovely. (I prefer SWB to LWB).

Good luck with the sale.  If you can add more pictures, or a link to a gallery, that would be good.  Especially for interior and that upgraded turbo engine.  The website is not the easiest for that, but just add one at a time and its fine.

Edit:  looks great now.