1991 LWB 463

So after much procrastination its time to sell the G Wagen.

I’ve owned it for the past 12 years or so during which time its been well maintained. It’s totally original apart from the 606 engine. Unmolested examples of early 463’s are pretty rare!

The good bits:

606 24 Valve normally aspirated engine. This was fitted around 3 years ago. It had 124k miles on it then so its now done around 135k (its just not getting used as it should!)

5 speed manual.

New clutch fitted during engine change.

New radiator fitted during engine change.

4 new Sachs Heavy Duty shock absorbers fitted 2 years ago.

Diff’s and transfer box have always had fully synthetic oil in my ownership.

Front axle rebuilt around 4 years ago.

New MB fuel tank straps about 12 months ago.

The 463 Achilles heel, the rear spring and shock absorber mounts, changed about 5 months ago. Genuine Mercedes parts used.

The rest of the chassis is untouched and in excellent condition.

Stainless steel exhaust.

10 months MOT. ZERO advisories. All it needed was a bulb and 2 new wiper blades.

The not so good:

It has an after market cone air filter. It does the job but I’d always intended changing it to something more original equipment.

Passenger side electric window not working.

Centre diff lock wouldn’t engage in the recent snow. I’m assuming a vacuum leak somewhere but I’ve not got around to checking it out.

Ventilation fan failed. I’ve put a temporary fix in place. Not pretty but it works.

Drivers side seat has wear but isn’t too unsightly.

Body work. When it’s cleaned and polished it looks remarkably good but on closer inspection it has the usual issues around the rear quarters. The bottom of the rear door has rust. Nothing which can’t be repaired. I had considered a respray but on refection I’d rather people see it for what it is and price it accordingly.  I figured that if I did get it resprayed it would just look suspicious and I should add IMHO it doesn’t need a full respray.

So if you’re after a LWB 463 which you can just use as is, or an original unmolested G Wagen as the basis of a project to bring up to perfect condition this could be the one J

I’ll post some photo’s over the weekend.

Any questions Tel. 07875 558469. Signal can be iffy so if no reply leave a message.

It’s located North Shropshire SY10 9DX.


Thanks, Russ

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29/05/2018 (5 weeks)


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Re: 1991 LWB 463

Very straight advert Russ.  Always best to provide the full story.  I should know (or could look it up), but assume a 606 engine is a 3.0L ?  What was it before.

A picture or two? Maybe elsewhere on the site. Colour? 


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Re: 1991 LWB 463

Thanks for the reply.
Yes it's a 3 litre. It had a 603 but that self destructed when the oil cooler failed.
It's a very dark blue that can almost look black in some lights.
I'll get some photo's up loaded soon, it's been throwing it down every time I've had any time to try and give it a wash!


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Re: 1991 LWB 463

I can't upload any photos I'm afraid. I just get an error message telling me I've used up my 20Mb allowance:-(

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Re: 1991 LWB 463

Ah. Shame.  This is one of the problems with the current website tech - it's clunky.  If we could keep the forum and have a new website part it might help.  Someone needs to increase the paltry limit.

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Re: 1991 LWB 463

Why not swap email address's via the member direct contact link in my account? Send pictures that way.